An Open Letter To My Face

My Dear Face, This morning as I looked at you in the mirror, I’m sorry to say I immediately noticed all of your flaws. I saw the dark circles under your eyes, the redness around your nose, the lines that are starting to appear above your upper lip. I noticed the freckles and age spots [...]

Meet Brenda

I’ve named her Brenda. She watches my every move. Carefully edits my thoughts. She is always there: judgemental, stern, unforgiving. She tells me I’m too fat, too ugly. That I am undeserving of happiness. Unlovable and stupid. Lazy. She tells me I need her, that I am nothing without her. She keeps me in line. [...]

Listen To The UGH

I was going to start by writing about how panicked and filled with anxiety I am today, but I just went to my local coffee shop and had an egg & asparagus wrap and I now feel a lot less like the Aliens alien and a lot more like the Eat, Pray, Love lady after [...]

Fear on the Road to Recovery

It’s four o’clock in the morning and I am jolted awake by a thundering crash. I’m in cottage country. Alone. My friends will join me on the weekend, but I wanted a few days on my own to sit by the water, enjoy the sun, and maybe get a little writing done. The cottage belongs [...]

The Pull

You know when you’re watching a movie and the hero is swimming down deep in the ocean and has been holding her breath for a ridiculous amount of time because she’s tying a rope around the treasure so it can be hauled onto the boat and she finally does it and just as she’s about [...]

My Lovely Body

No, my lovely body, I will not let you shut down. No, my dear brain, I will not let you run and hide. I will fight you both if I must. But I would rather make peace and gently lead you outside into the sunshine. We will walk among the trees and feel the sun [...]

The Little Voice

I decided to do some volunteer work. I haven’t worked in quite a while and I wanted to introduce some structure into my life. I also felt like I needed a shot of self-confidence and I thought this would be a good way to start getting my mojo back. I signed up to volunteer at [...]